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Behind the mask...  My personae  

Dian Anggraini | 曾甜美 | Miyuri | Myu | Chryseis
..and loads of other aliases and characters...

A chaotic neutral, tsundere little cat princess with bipolar.

26 years old as a human, 2 years old as a cat.

Owned by a rori-pedofin... And owning him in return, nya~?!

Loves animals, especially cats, dogs, and their relatives (and sharks! and orcas!). Loves other parts of the nature as well. F1 addicts, loves the car(s) and the speed..

Also happen to be in love with handsome anime guys.. And girls. And robots. Also a SRW and Touhou addicts.

♥Michael Schumacher♥Kimi Räikkönen♥Sebastian Vettel♥Nico Hülkenberg♥Jenson Button♥Valtteri Bottas♥Jules Bianchi♥Kevin Magnusson♥Daniil Kvyat♥

♥Kyōsuke Nanbu♥Raidiese F. Branstein♥Axel Almer♥Excellen Browning♥Lamia Loveless♥Alfimi♥Seolla Schweizer♥Ouka Nagisa♥Masaki Andoh♥Sänger Zonvolt♥Irui Gan Eden♥Ing Egret♥

♥Remilia Scarlet♥Flandre Scarlet♥Yukari Yakumo♥Tewi Inaba♥Chen♥Alice Margatroid♥Patchouli Knowledge♥Rin Kaenbyou♥Koishi Komeiji♥

♥And so on...♥


The Tundra Wolf can be found throughout Northern Europe and Asia from Northern Finland to the Kamchatka Peninsula, from the far north of Russia into the Arctic. They primarily reside in the northern arctic and boreal regions of Russia roughly between 65 and 71 degrees latitude.Although they were eliminated from some of the Arctic islands north of Siberia, they have been recently seen on Wrangle Island.

The Tundra Wolf can measure up to 7 feet in length from nose to end of tail. There have been unconfirmed reports of some weighing as much as 220 pounds. However, on average, Tundra Wolves weigh  from 100 to 125 pounds. Their height can be anywhere from 28 to 38 inches.

Most have coats that are a combination of grey, black, rust, and silver grey. They are known to have long thick coats with dense underfur, and are often hunted for them. The average life span is approximately 16 years.

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