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My personae  Behind the mask...  

Dian Anggraini | 曾甜美 | Miyuri | Myu | Chryseis
..and loads of other aliases and characters...

A chaotic neutral, tsundere little cat princess with bipolar.

26 years old as a human, 2 years old as a cat.

Owned by a rori-pedofin... And owning him in return, nya~?!

Loves animals, especially cats, dogs, and their relatives (and sharks! and orcas!). Loves other parts of the nature as well. F1 addicts, loves the car(s) and the speed.. As well as football

Also happen to be in love with handsome anime guys.. And girls. And robots. Also a SRW and Touhou addicts.

♥Michael Schumacher♥Kimi Räikkönen♥Sebastian Vettel♥Nico Hülkenberg♥Jenson Button♥Valtteri Bottas♥Jules Bianchi♥Kevin Magnusson♥Daniel Ricciardo♥Daniil Kvyat♥

♥Germany National Team♥Schalke 04♥Bayern München♥Miroslav Klose♥Philipp Lahm♥Bastian Schweinsteiger♥Manuel Neuer♥Thomas Müller♥Julian Draxler♥Arjen Robben♥Dirk Kuyt♥Franck Ribery♥Lionel Messi♥Cristiano Ronaldo♥Iker Casillas♥Gianluigi Buffon♥Oliver Kahn♥

♥Kyōsuke Nanbu♥Raidiese F. Branstein♥Axel Almer♥Excellen Browning♥Lamia Loveless♥Alfimi♥Seolla Schweizer♥Ouka Nagisa♥Masaki Andoh♥Sänger Zonvolt♥Irui Gan Eden♥Ing Egret♥

♥Remilia Scarlet♥Flandre Scarlet♥Yukari Yakumo♥Tewi Inaba♥Chen♥Alice Margatroid♥Patchouli Knowledge♥Rin Kaenbyou♥Koishi Komeiji♥

♥And so on...♥
Wearing the #feltwool #ring I made before. The adjustable ring is a little to big to me, anyway. Lol. #crafts #handmade #madebymiyuri

Wearing the #feltwool #ring I made before. The adjustable ring is a little to big to me, anyway. Lol. #crafts #handmade #madebymiyuri

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Can we discuss how the other drivers end up a funny shade of red or pink after race but Valtteri has rosy pink anime cheeks

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*refers to one player by their first name, another by their last name, and another by their nickname all in the same sentence*

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Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel - Russian Gp 2014

LOL The first gif. Kimi came walking towards Seb being interviewed and he just stopped there a bit deciding whether to wait for him to finish so they could go out together but Seb finished up and followed him. Awwwwww…

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Prayer circle for Nico to win the next races.

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